How It Works



The easiest way to show how this works is with an example.


  • Abby is a widow.
  • She has two children, Bob and Carol, both adults and still alive.
  • Abby owns an old modest home in Florida.
  • Abby dies without a will.
  • Bob and Carol are her heirs. The inheritance is split between them, 50-50.
  • Bob is living at the property.
  • The property taxes haven’t been paid for several years.
  • The property is headed for a tax auction.
  • Bob and Carol didn’t probate Abby’s estate, so they don’t have good title to Abby’s home and can’t refinance it.
  • Bob and Carol would like to keep the property.

Our Solution

Simple Discussion, Then an Offer

We talk to Bob and Carol and confirm they are Abby’s only heirs. We take about a day to research the property and Abby’s family tree. Sometimes this only takes a few hours. Then, we give Bob and Carol an offer, over the phone, for us to help them probate the estate, get title in their name, pay off the back taxes, get a homestead tax exemption, get cash to fix the property, and, maybe, put cash in their pocket, with us paying all the up front fees, and Bob and Carol making monthly payments. They agree.

Simple Online Form

We email Bob and Carol links to a simple online form where they confirm their agreement to our deal with just a few clicks. This can even be done on a smart phone.

Home Inspection

We arrange for a home inspection for the home to qualify for this program. Depending on where they live and everybody’s schedule, this takes about a week.

Mobile Notaries

After the inspection, we arrange for mobile notaries near Bob and Carol to meet with them to sign the formal documents. Depending on where they live and everybody’s schedule, this takes about a week.


The notaries call and schedule the signings. Bob has his notary come to his house. Carol meets hers at a coffee shop. In less than 15 minutes, all the documents are signed.

Probate, Refinance, and Pay off Taxes

Shortly after the probate is opened, we can refinance the property. When the loan closes, the taxes get paid, and the threat of the tax auction is over.

Title to the Heirs

Bob and Carol get title, and they can get a homestead tax exemption.

Extra Cash

There might be cash for repairs to the property, or just cash for Bob and Carol. Each case is different.