Save Your Inheritance

Did you inherit real estate?

house on a lot

Has no probate been done?

Are there unpaid property taxes?

Are you facing a tax auction?

Would you like to keep the property?

Unpaid Taxes

property taxes

When property taxes go unpaid, interest and fees add up. The longer the taxes go unpaid, the harder it is for the heirs to get anything for the property.

Property Auctions

house auction

Eventually, if the taxes aren’t paid, the property will be put up for auction. Often, when families you lose inherited real estate at a tax, they end up with little, if anything.

Save Your Inheritance

We Have Just the Solution for You

We’ll help you:

  • Probate the estate,
  • Pay off the back taxes,
  • Get to stay in the property,
  • Get a homestead tax exemption,
  • Maybe get cash to fix the property,
  • Maybe put cash in your pocket, and
  • Eventually, get clear title in your name.

No Up Front Cost to You

We advance all fees.

No Will Required

No probate required.

No court appearance required.

No Credit Required

The property qualifies for this program, not the people.